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Entry #2

i have finished making EmoGirl part 2

2008-11-19 10:28:19 by carolshki27

im finished..finally.
but i managed to put some drawing improvements on part short..i made a new flash containing both emogirl part 1 and 2..

but sadly..
i really need my dad to help me in using actionscript..
and done *bows*

do i have to download an actionscript? what website do i have to go to?
i really dont get's all so complicated for me


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2008-11-19 13:50:59

actionscript is included in flash, if you have flash, you have actionscript!

it not a program really, rather it's a programming tool for flash.
without it flash would be nothing than a simple computer based flipbook!

actionscipt allows you to make games, make scene selection, play buttons, everything! it ranges from quite simple to ungodly complicated.

HERE'S THE BEST PART! for your preloader, you don't need to worry about actionscript at all! The readymade preloader that newgrounds has for you has the script all built in and ready to go!

Send a message to TomFulp and thank him for being such a nice guy. ;)

message me if you have any more trouble. :)

carolshki27 responds:

thnks a lot andrew! "lets get better together!"


2008-11-19 17:37:10

u like chocolate and i like pie...

carolshki27 responds:

yeah i do..pies are fine for me..i eat them too..nyaha :))


2008-11-19 20:55:17

*thumbs up* I'm looking forward to the next flash.

carolshki27 responds:

thanks thanks mac


2008-11-20 09:39:21

Hey awaiting part 2 hopefully you added in some of the suggestions. Also congrats on the underdog of the week award and pumpkin pie is the best.

carolshki27 responds:

hehehe ok..
im still waiting for me dad to approve on me downloading the adobe flash..i only use movie i need a flash to make a loader..hehehe


2008-11-20 10:42:34

Its still great though!
I especially love your character design! =)


2008-11-20 11:11:24

Good luck with ypur flashes. Try a few tutorials and there you go! Good Luck and welcome to ng.


2008-11-20 13:35:05

I thought that your Emogirl series has been a great underdog, really deserving what you got, you have got loads of support which you can see by browsing those comments, and for your first few flashes! That is quite an achievement, well done and keep it up! Oh BTW, your replies on these flashes are very long, which obviously means that people are actually taking time thanks to your flash, be proud!


2008-11-20 18:32:56

You are extremely impressive little one, and love your stuff. *claps* So, encore, continue, you rule ^.^ Bear in mind if you manage to put out a short every week ro two for a while you'll have a cult following really quickly, impressive for a 14-year-old doll ^.^



2008-11-21 07:13:33

Hey Caro. :)
To actionscript...
Do you know sth. about... klick on a button, from you opertating sys?
It's nothin more to say: when mouse left-klick -> then do this, or this, or maybe this... and so on...
Nice help for actionscript do you find on big flash-portals... like NG..
A very good hint: http://tutorialized .com/
And the first way, to help, is to ask! :)
Ehrm... On tutorialized try to make a flash-menu.
This was one of my first things, I made..
It helps rly, when you're new on flash. :) And it gives a lil introduction to applescript...
Btw... I can't write applescript. ^^ I only do it. :)

Hey, and write me on NG. :)
Have ya ICQ / MSN? :)

Greetz, and good luck.
Mio. :)


2008-11-21 08:18:34

get some preloaders from the download section


2008-11-21 16:54:44

Great, good, awesome. Keep it up.


2008-11-22 17:15:47

cool flashes keep up the work.


2008-11-22 18:46:36

you could just download flash cs3 you can use it for 30 days free on a website but I can't remember which 1


2008-11-23 17:27:27

your videos are really amazing for just using movie maker, what program do you use to draw each scene in?


2008-11-24 16:39:33

I just saw your 2 flashes and i'm really eager to see what you will do in some years because you are really talented :)
I mean you just got here on newgrounds and you already have 1 trophie and 2 great flash.
Are you going to make a third part for your emo girl story?


2008-11-26 00:28:10



2008-12-05 19:42:49

and here comes another fag submitting his shit that barely passes as garbage.


2009-01-05 03:32:09

suffice it to say, not all of us were born with these skills mastered already.