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Entry #1 me.

2008-11-17 22:31:22 by carolshki27

i dont know how to make a flash preloader..
i cant understand the tutorials..:'(
i only made one flash and its not that good either. gah.
can anyone help me?


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2008-11-17 23:13:57

check your inbox. ;)

carolshki27 responds:

hehe..thanks again :)


2008-11-17 23:24:53

I can help, go to the NG front page and you can download one for free, the preloader will all be in one keyframe of the FLA file and you can just copy that into your flash, make sure its on the first keyframe.
I liked your flash btw, would of commented but you had plenty already, lol
look forward to part 2 if their is one! =)
- A

carolshki27 responds:

there is :) dont worry


2008-11-17 23:27:03

Wait I've just found out the preloaders page has moved.
It is here now. =) reloaders/

carolshki27 responds:

wow thanks :)


2008-11-18 00:41:18

i see you have been helped already ,o well any more i can helkp with!?

carolshki27 responds:

well..i honestly need all the help i's still kinda hard for me


2008-11-18 00:47:48

Are you from Philippines? O_o

carolshki27 responds:

yeah i am..why?


2008-11-18 01:01:05

ne , just asking ;P , and another question you know what gay means? because you dont want it in you channel

carolshki27 responds:

gays are boys who act like girls


2008-11-18 11:01:51

just download a newgrounds preloader :P reloaders/


2008-11-19 03:52:23

"gays are boys who act like girls" ---> Is that a joke? If not I feel the need to clarify. . . .

Gays are men who sleep with other men, or women who sleep with other women, yes sometimes gay men act like girls and gay girls act like men (actually it's becoming more an more common, and also more and more annoying)

I realize there is a very good chance it was simply choice of wording on your part, but I'm err...hyper-critical and overly serious. And yet I take nothing seriously . . . O.o Aaaanyways. . . .

Nice flash, hope to see you do great work in the future.

Quick question? How come you want to be called Carl? If you don't like the question you can ignore it heh heh, I guess it'd kinda be like asking me why I go by the name I do >.> Only different. . . whatever. ^.^

carolshki27 responds:

my aunt calls me carl..and it's a boy's name..carole to carl so that my nickname's somehow diffrent from other "carole" girls. xD


2008-11-19 08:13:15

Well I'm aware Carl is a boy's name, hence me asking the logic behind it, but unstoppable madmen that relatives are it explains a lot *stares at his own name...shudders*

Hee hee,
Ceeya for now, make more soon ^.^


2008-11-19 20:54:07

Mabuhay Pilipinas!


2008-11-22 17:39:32

Sup Carl, welcome to Newgrounds. If you want some helpful guides for making flash stuff, check out Adam's Phillips' page, he used to work for Disney and he made pretty good tutorials on his homepage.

Good luck!